I’m becoming increasingly enamored by the sunrise/sunset, and what each one means. See, I work night shift for this deployment. 1800-0600, 6 days a week. This works out nicely, as I’m +10 hours from her timezone, so we go to bed and wake up at about the same time. For me, each sunrise is the end of my day.. Seeing the sun rise above the dusty horizon means that I’m a day closer to my loving wife, a day closer to her kisses and hugs.. The sunrise is also the only part of the day when the sun is up for both of us at the same time, and however cliched it may sound.. Knowing that we’re both under the same sun at the same time is comforting, and makes me feel not so far away from her..
The sunsets are more or less the same. The only difference being that they signify the start of my day, and bring me a ‘calendar day’ closer to my love <3
We’re well into the double digits now, my love.. And every moment passed is another moment closer to you.

And then it’s..
We’re hitting the halfway mark this week <3..